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This week I’d like to share a short writing from B.J. Palmer. He was the son of the founder of Chiropractic and was a main force in bringing Chiropractic to the world. This is his explanation of Innate Intelligence which is the spark of organizing force in your nerve system that keeps everything running smoothly.

I also found a way cool video of BJ doing some adjustments back in 1924 which I put in this post too.


Your Innate Intelligence

“God breathed into man the breath of life—we add—and left within, a body manager to regulate body functions including reproduction of cells.  There is a power within you—you recognize it in others as the ability to move-see-hear-speak breathe.  What is this power?  Who can answer?  We call that power INNATE INTELLIGENCE.  You look around you and recognize there is a power that governs and controls the universe and all things in it. You may call it NATURE or you may say it is AN ACT OF GOD.  But whatever you choose to call it, you do recognize a FORCE.

“Within YOU is a ‘grain’ of the universal power.  If there were not, you would cease to move, see, hear, breathe, feel—exist as a HUMAN INTELLIGENT BEING.  As long as that power within you has control of your body a state of HEALTH exists.  Should something interfere with normal control of that internal power—then you cease to enjoy your birthright—HEALTH—instead a state of dis-ease becomes prominent.

“Healing is a process afforded you by your Creator and is above and beyond the control of man.  Your Chiropractor does everything possible to help Innate heal—but he cannot heal nor can anyone else produce healing for you.  When the right adjustment is made, Innate goes to work.  You feel the results when dis-ease turns to ease.”  – BJ Palmer

See you at your next adjustment!


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