“Would you like this gold bar?”

Every week I meet a whole lot of people. I hold out my hands and ask them “Would you like this gold bar?” I get many different answers:

No thanks I’m good

I’m too busy

I can’t afford it

I don’t believe in it

I’m scared of it

And then there are the lucky few who say: Yes, Thank you!

The gold bar I am offering is, of course, the chiropractic adjustment.  Experienced on a regular basis it helps lead to a long, happy, healthy life.

It is my mission to make this world better one person at a time so I will continue to offer the gold bars and to explain why you should decide to accept them:

No thanks I’m good – are you sure you’re good? The problem starts a long time before any symptoms show up and sometimes the first symptom is the last symptom! (check out my earlier article “Rest in Peace”)
I’m too busy – the busier you are the more you need to take care of yourself. When you break down you won’t care about any of that stuff that keeps you “too busy” now and you’ll have plenty of time when you’re broke down laying in that hospital bed!
I can’t afford it – yes you can. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen for you if you want it. What’s more important, your LIFE or your cell phone,Starbucks,satellite tv etc…
I don’t believe in it – you believe more in our present medical system that is the third leading cause of death in this country???
I’m scared of itsee above answer and, God doesn’t want you to live in fear!

I make it EASY and AFFORDABLE to take the gold bars so what’s your excuse now?


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