Womb to Tomb

The members in my practice come in all shapes and sizes. They have all sorts of conditions and they are of all ages. Chiropractic is for everybody from womb to tomb.

I start taking care of the little ones when they are in the womb by adjusting the mommies when they are pregnant. Think about it. A sperm and an egg get together, then 9 months later there is a beautiful little baby in your arms! That is an amazing miracle! That whole process is controlled by your nervous system so I HOPE you want your nervous system working optimally if not for your sake, for the sake of your baby!

The birth process can be hard on the little ones so I start checking and adjusting them right away. And as the kids grow they have stresses too so we keep them well adjusted so they can be strong and healthy. Kids need chiropractic too, don’t forget about them! Most kids love getting adjusted but sometimes they are a little afraid of something they have never done before. Too many times the parent asks “Johnny, do you want to get adjusted today?” and of course Johnny says “no”. Now, would you as a parent ask Johnny if he wants to go to the dentist, do his homework etc and take “no” for an answer? Of course not! As parents we are in charge of doing what is best for our kids even when they don’t want to. I don’t ever force anyone to get adjusted so it is up to the parent to explain to their child before they ever walk in the door here that they are getting adjusted and that’s the way it’s going to be.

Devin age 4 getting his adjustment

Peyton getting his power turned on!






These are my boys getting their weekly adjustment. They have never been vaccinated, never taken drugs, never had any real sickness besides a few colds here and there (knock on wood!). I just make sure their nervous systems are strong so they can heal and take care of themselves. They are happy, healthy kids as it should be. 25% of kids from birth to 18 are on prescription drugs now in this country. That is just plain WRONG! Please, bring your kids in to get checked. I don’t even charge to adjust kids 12 and under because I love to take care of kids!

The oldest in my practice right now is 93. I also have people with all kinds of conditions: cancer, Parkinsons, paralyzed, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and the list goes on and on. The bottom line is healing comes from the inside out, from your nervous system. So if you make the nervous system stronger you can’t help but get better no matter what your condition is!

Life doesn’t move in a level line. You are either moving upward to more function, more health and happiness or you are fading away to more dis-function, dis-ease and unhappiness. Unfortunately the majority of people are fading away and just dealing with it by taking more and more drugs for more and more symptoms.

I know you know someone who is fading away, who is having some sort of challenge. I know you know someone who wants the most out of their life. PLEASE, tell them what chiropractic is all about. Tell them to start getting adjusted and just see how their life gets better. Join me in my mission to make this world better one person at a time! Ask me for some of my special VIP Referral cards which let your referrals come in for a “test drive” at a great savings. I make it easy, convenient and affordable for all to get adjusted on a regular basis. I accept everyone, no matter their age, condition or financial ability to pay. If they want chiropractic, a better life, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen for them.

Thanks for all your support in my mission!

Take care, Kyle

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