Why do you come here to get adjusted? There are many of you in my practice family who have been coming on a weekly basis for years to get adjusted. Why do you keep coming?

I know why I and my family get adjusted weekly. I know why I adjust you too whenever you walk through the door. I adjust to get rid of interference in your nervous system. To reconnect your brain to your body so everything: immune system; digestive system; heart; liver; ALL your organs, glands, systems, cells can work as they were intended so your body will heal, maintain and thrive. My why is my mission: to make this world better one person at a time. My why is that I love to help you and I want the best for you. That’s my why, but what is YOUR why?

You see your why is far more important than any what, where, how and when.

Your why is what will keep you on track doing all the things that keep you moving forward. If you don’t have a why, if you don’t know your why, if your why isn’t that important to you then there is a good chance you won’t follow through. Especially when challenges come up  you  need a strong foundational WHY to keep you going in the right direction. This is true not just for keeping on your adjustments but for everything in life.

I would like to know your why for getting regular adjustments. Please reply to this post with your why. I believe it is very important as your why may just help others discover their why. Also, thinking about and expressing your why will help you reinforce your own foundation of why.

if you need help on your why come to one of my new member workshops (all members are always welcome in case you need a refresher!) where I will go over all the “whys” of chiropractic. This is information you NEED if you want to get the most out of your adjustments. I do them right after adjusting hours Sundays at 2PM and Tuesdays at 7PM.

I think that’s enough whys for now! See you at your next adjustment,


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2 Responses to Why?

  1. Okay, here goes. My top 5 reasons to have a Chiropractor – and see them on a regular basis, of course.

    1. It’s a fantastic, healthy pre-lunch activity

    2. It’s a great family activity

    3. It beats taking a lot of pills and filling prescriptions

    4. It’s the one Doctor you actually love seeing

    5. And number 5 – So you don’t have to get your back fused together.

  2. Jonathan Seaton Eblacas says:

    Good for you Mark! Choosing the Healthier Route, feels much better to me. Doesn’t it? WHY?? Did we ever put ourselves, through such anguish?? Such misery? Unedjucated with Facts? Were we preyed on, by predators that know nothing of science, using us as lab rats? (: it feels good to me, to be free of suppression, and Tyranny! I feel calm, and well, knowing that I am Truthfully Educated, and on the right Path. (: I see things so clearly, I’m soo happy! I always smile!! I’m smiling now! While i shed greatful tears! I’m happy with me!! Why?? Because I’m connected. To something great! Something Worth fighting for! Something Unique, Prideful! Loving, caring, Daring, blessed, the best! (: awesome! In Blossom! I’m in love!! With me….yes! I finally, love myself now!! (: I care about myself. It feels good. I finally feel balanced, whole, and True. Thats WHY!! I am blessed, thankful, and grateful…to now have DR. Kyle in my life…Chiropractics! And my own council of Positive state of mind, is key, to my healthy and Happy existence! I’m estatic!! And I feel truly blessed! My feeling, and connection that I have, through myself, my family, my higher Power, my nervous system, Genious minds! And Healing Hands!! I’m doing Awesome!! Whatever your God? Or Higher Power? Whatever positive Energy you feel? Anything that TRULY makes you feel balanced and good?? May your God, or Higher Power Connection, bless you with the Hands of life!! and I wish you Wellness! Longevity! Enhanced, Quality of Life! Your worth it! (: Jonny B…Buddhason

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