Why become a practice member?

Some people come through my door with an ache or pain and just want a couple of adjustments so they feel better. There is nothing wrong with that if all you want is temporary relief. Drugs are actually the quickest cheapest way to get relief but in either case your problem is not getting fixed.

The people who choose to become practice members here and start getting regular adjustments understand the big picture. They don’t want just quick symptom relief. They want a whole lot more. They want their whole life to get better. They want to reduce the chance that somewhere down the line they will experience a “911” episode. Ten or twenty years from now they want to be doing whatever they want. Dancing, traveling the world, bouncing their grand kids on their knee, experiencing a high quality of  life with no limitations. They don’t want to be broken down, on a bunch of medications, looking for new tennis balls for their walker or maybe already pushing up daisies over at Forest Lawn. They are smart and are taking responsibility for themselves and their life.

To get any kind of worthwhile results in life it takes time and repetition. Want to play the piano? Better practice, practice, practice then down the line you will achieve your goal. Want to run a marathon? Train, train, train and the next thing you know you’ll be crossing the finish line. Want a stronger nervous system, a stronger life? Adjust, adjust, adjust. Every adjustment builds upon the previous one. You get a little stronger each adjustment.

Now you have reached your goal. You can play Swan Lake on the piano (I played that at a recital when I was like eight years old). You breezed through the L.A. marathon. You feel strong and healthy. So you don’t have to practice anymore right? Don’t have to train anymore, don’t need to get adjusted anymore… WRONG! You know that to maintain (and hopefully keep improving) ANYTHING you need to keep at it. You need to keep practicing, training, getting adjusted or you will start losing your gains and be moving backwards again. This is just how the universe works with everything. You know this, it’s just sometimes you forget and get sidetracked. That’s part of my job to remind you, to keep you on track so you can have the great life you want.

It’s like I always tell my wife: “I’m not nagging honey. I’m coaching!” (yeah, right!)

So I am looking forward to seeing you soon and getting you adjusted and helping you move forward to a better life!

Have a great week,


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  1. That is brilliant! “I’m not nagging honey, I’m coaching!” I’ll have to start using that one…

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