When I became a TRUE chiropractor

I have been a practicing chiropractor since 1993 but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I truly became a chiropractor.

You see I was a product of the chiro-med school and the practice management coaches who taught me to be a medically oriented symptom treating “Doctor”. I learned to x-ray everyone up and down and do all kinds of ortho and neuro tests then have them come back for a report of findings dog and pony show where I tried to sell them a corrective care plan costing thousands of dollars. I was not happy and not successful.

Then I met a mentor chiropractor by the name of Phil Yamamoto and my life changed for the better. He taught me the philosophy of old time, old fashioned, traditional chiropractic: Principled Chiropractic! This is truly what chiropractic is about, what B.J. Palmer (the son of chiropractic founder D.D. Palmer) taught. That all healing comes from inside out. The Power that made the body heals the body it happens no other way. God put this healing power, this Innate Intelligence in our nervous system. As long as the nervous system is strong we are strong and need nothing from outside but air, food and water.

The stresses of life cause interference in the expression of this power and chiropractic adjustments clear this interference so your healing power is turned on! I now have a great time just adjusting people, 100% chiropractic! I make it easy and affordable for everyone to make getting adjusted regularly a part of their lifestyle.

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