What’s your plan to avoid a 911 call?

Do you have a plan you have thought out and are now executing that is designed to keep you out of the 911 world of disease and dysfunction in the future?

Have you even thought about the future?

How do you want your life to be 10, 20, 30 or more years from now?

Do you want to be strong and functional, enjoying all life has to offer? Traveling, playing golf and tennis, bouncing your grand kids on your knee, doing all the fun stuff you said you’d do when you had the time…


Do you want to be looking for new tennis balls for your walker, standing in line at CVS to get all your prescriptions refilled, or maybe even pushing up daisies at Rose Hills???

I am literally being dead serious here. You better start thinking about taking care of your body NOW. If you blow it off and wait for the symptoms of disease to finally show up before you do anything about it you’re too late, the train has left the station. A lot of times the first symptom can be your last symptom.

I will give you a plan that you can start right now to put into play that will reduce the chance of 911 stuff happening in your life. It is easy, simple and only three steps:

1. Have an Attitude of Gratitude – focus on your blessings not what’s not working.

2. Live a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Eat better: good food and liquids in, leave the crap out.
  • Move Better: exercise, walk daily at least. Just start moving!
  • Think Better: Read, watch, listen to quality stuff. Forget the Jerry Springer, TMZ and most daily news.

3. Make sure your Brain is connected to your Body – this is where getting adjusted comes in. Stress causes interference to your nerve system. It causes your spine to get “out of whack”. Once you start losing proper motion and function of your spine it will rot and decay, this is called arthritis. As your spine continues to rot it decreases the flow of communication from your brain to your body and back. This results in things starting to break down, to not work right. This is the start of the disease process. Somewhere down the line symptoms start to show up.

Being healthy means being strong and functional, not just being free of symptoms. Many people who feel great are in reality very sick, the symptom just hasn’t shown up yet.

Your best Health Insurance is not Obamacare, or any other “disease insurance” you pay those monthly premiums for. They only work on problems once they are bad enough to show up as symptoms.

Your best Health Insurance is to take care of your body and keep it functioning at a high level. Your body is designed to heal and take care of itself but the “power” has to be on. If you follow this plan I have outlined, make this your lifestyle, it is your best insurance to reduce the chances of 911 stuff happening in your life.

As for the adjustments, I make it incredibly easy and affordable to get adjusted regularly. Take ten minutes out of your week and get adjusted, you’ll feel the difference. This ten minutes should be a priority in your life.

Your life, your health, your future is your responsibility. Take charge of your life. Have a plan and follow it. I am happy to help you but remember you need to make it happen.

See you at your next adjustment,


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