What have you done FUN lately?

This is one of my questions I ask frequently when my members come in for their adjustments. The sad part is that most of the time they can’t think of anything they’ve done FUN lately!

You need something fun, something that you enjoy, that nourishes your soul, your inner child to look forward to EVERY day. It could be that Bahamas vacation that’s 8 months away. A weekend get away that is coming up in a month. Dinner and a movie this coming weekend. But don’t forget even little everyday things too. Maybe it is sitting having a cup of coffee relaxing for 15 minutes. Taking a bubble bath. Playing with your kids or friends. Walking through the park. It doesn’t have to be a big thing just something you enjoy that you can look forward to.

Always having something fun to look forward to is a key to happiness. If you are not deliberately scheduling these fun events you become like the mouse running on the wheel – not getting anywhere fast! It is no wonder you feel beat up, burnt out and depressed! You need to have balance in your life. Remember all work and no play makes Jack and Jill very dull people!

So get out your calendar and before you schedule in anything for anybody else reserve your daily, weekly and monthly FUN activities. Trust me, if you don’t schedule your stuff in it just isn’t going to happen. Start making yourself a priority and your life will improve leading to all your family, friends, co-workers and fellow human beings lives getting better too!

The next time you come in for your adjustment I want to hear what you have done fun lately!

On a different note here is a short success story that one of my members told me this morning:

Have fun,


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3 Responses to What have you done FUN lately?

  1. Great post and very timely, especially in light of current economic conditions. It doesn’t need to be expensive to have fun.
    We wake up in the same room, get into the same car, go to the same office and go back to the same house every day. Scheduling interesting events stimulates the mind, fosters creativity, and gives us an opportunity to be present to life.
    The reminder Dr. Kyle!

  2. vanessa says:

    i love haveing mornings where im presented with a ticket to New Mexico with my dearest friend…… i love knowing how much fun im going to have …. i have fun eating i have fun spending every Wednesday with my family… i have fun thinking of what im going to do next … i have lots of fun …

  3. Lisa says:

    Going out to Art Night tomorrow! Can’t wait!

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