Tooth, Tijuana, Tequila: my Adventure South of the Border

For those of you who don’t know, last week my tooth was absolutely killing me. I’ve never had that kind of tooth pain before. It came in waves that at its worst were almost decapacitating. I don’t like to pop Tylenols but I did some for this but they didn’t do a whole lot.

I had been having some problems for a few months and had been told that a root canal (yechh!) was in my future but I was trying to put that off until I recovered financially from my annual IRS contribution.

So I had to get it done and to save money I decided to head south of the border to Tijuana.

Crossing the border into Mexico

My friend Juan trying to find the Dentist






Lucky for me my friend Juan offered to come with me. He knows the lay of the land and speaks spanish so I felt a bit more comfortable about the trip down there. I have to tell you I was a bit nervous. I don’t like getting my teeth drilled anyway much less a root canal and then to have it done in Mexico I was taking a real leap of faith. As the drilling started I was just praying over and over “God protect me, God protect me”. And He did! Everything came out good and NO MORE TOOTH PAIN!

Juan & I outside of office post root canal, numb & happy!

Crossing border to USA. It took 3 hours!







The next time I’m going to just walk across the border instead of waiting in a 3 hour line of cars! When we did get to the border guard he asked why we went down and were we bringing anything back. I said to have a root canal and we each have a bottle of tequila. He said “tequila for the pain huh?”, I replied “you got it” and he waved us right through!

Root canal recovery medicine

The moral of the story is: take care of things before they go bad, really bad. I should have had my tooth fixed before it went ballistic. I should know better because that is what I tell everyone about their body. Come in, get adjusted regularly so your body can take care of problems before they get bad, before they go 911! the best time to get adjusted is when you feel great! As Barney Fife always said “nip it in the bud!”

See you at your next adjustment!


BONUS: I’ve started a new project where I am asking my long time members why they keep coming in to get adjusted regularly, what are they getting out of it. I will be sharing these with you, my hope being some of the “whys” will make sense to you and you too can start getting a better life through a strong nervous system! Here is Martha’s “why”:

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2 Responses to Tooth, Tijuana, Tequila: my Adventure South of the Border

  1. Barry says:

    Great story. Great morale. I’m glad your doing better!

  2. Barry says:

    Great story. Great morale. I’m glad you are doing better!

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