This might not be the right place for you…

Your experience here with me will be different than with the majority of other chiropractors around this is true. And I admit that I am not right for everyone so I thought I would let you know some of the main qualities that most of my practice members have so it might help you decide if my office is a good fit for you.

They take responsibility for themselves and their health.

They do not focus on symptoms but instead focus on restoring their body’s function, keeping the “power” turned on so their body will take care of whatever it needs to take care of.

They enjoy the convenience of not needing appointments and being able to get in, adjusted, and out quickly.

They want true, pure, old-time, old-fashioned chiropractic adjustments not fancy gizmos and gadjets.

They LOVE the affordability to get themselves and their family adjusted on a weekly basis.

They continually seek to know and understand more of how their body works and how regular adjustments benefit every part of their life.

They are happy, hopeful and grateful.

They are constantly helping others by sharing the chiropractic story and referring in their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors etc. Which means they have joined my mission to make this world better one person at a time!

They understand the importance of making getting adjusted a part of their healthy lifestyle just as they regularly eat right, exercise, brush their teeth and so on.

They are coachable.

They know the best time to be here is when they are feeling GREAT!

They enjoy being inspired.

They know they will always walk out the door better than when they walked in.

They love being treated like family.

So these are a few of my members qualities. If that is what you’re looking for then you’ve come to the right place!

Take care, Kyle


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One Response to This might not be the right place for you…

  1. Ted Moreno says:

    Great post Dr. Kyle!! I really like the fact that I can get in and out fairly quickly, but still have time to chat with you. I always walk out feeling better than when I walked in.

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