The only thing in life that stays the same is change…

Our lives are in a constant state of change. Life just doesn’t go in a level straight line. You’re either moving upward towards function, healing, growth, repair, happiness and health or you are fading away into dysfunction, dis-organization, dis-ease, lack and early death.

Unfortunately the majority of people in this country are fading away. They have a host of degenerative problems that keep getting worse because all they are doing is living in the medical paradigm of treating symptoms with drugs and surgeries.

Sometimes you need some medical intervention for a symptom because you have let it get so far out of whack. The problem is nobody is working on fixing the cause of the symptom at the same time. By not fixing the cause you are doomed to a downward slide of more and more problems, lesser quality of life and earlier exit from this life. For example, say you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Your “treatment” will be a drug that brings down your blood pressure, effectively masking your symptom. You’re now fine right? Wrong grasshopper! You are still sick, you still suffer from the CAUSE of the symptom of high blood pressure. You are now even sicker due to the side effects of the medication too. Your system continues to degenerate functionally and you are fading away to more and more problems (which they have plenty of drugs for) until you finally wear out.

The smarter solution would be to find out WHY your body is showing the symptom of high blood pressure. Take care of the WHY then your body can heal and come back to natural homeostasis and function. Now you won’t need the medication anymore. That’s the goal we all should be working on. Not just taking drugs for the rest of our lives.

Your nervous system is the foundation to all functions of your life. The whole goal and purpose of regular adjustments is to keep your nervous system strong and functioning so your body can heal itself. Getting adjusted regularly along with eating, moving and thinking better is a lifestyle choice that if practiced for a lifetime is your best way to reduce the chance of 911 stuff happening to you.

It is really simple, take care of your body and it will take care of you!

Sylvie’s story of better blood pressure:

Blood pressure dropping!

I’ve been getting regular adjustments from Dr Kyle for the last few months & since that time my blood pressure has been dropping to a good level without any change in medication. The movement in my neck & shoulders has also improved.I have been able to continue getting my adjustments because of the affordable unlimited program he offers. Dr. Kyle also teaches that having the spine & nervous system free of interference allows your body to work at it’s maximum potential thus preventing many health problems. He also coaches that having a good attitude & positive outlook, exercising & eating right is a healthy lifestyle we all need.


See you at your next adjustment,


P.S. Remember this weekend special hours:

Saturday April 28th I am in Noon to 2PM (no workshop after)

Sunday April 29th I am out of the office.

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