The Meaning of Life

This is one of those age-old questions people have pondered for all time. I think the answer is unique to each individual because each of us is truly unique. We are all special with our own talents and abilities that we share with the world to make it a better place.

That being said let me share a few of my own philosophies of life. I have picked these up here and there and they work for me. Maybe they will give you some insight into your quest for your meaning of life.

If I’m not dead and I’m not in prison it’s a great day. Each day presents some kind of challenges. I use this to keep my perspective so I don’t get down when everything isn’t going my way. Even when it’s bad, it could be a lot worse!

The Two Rules of Life: Don’t sweat the small stuff and, It’s all small stuff. Most challenges may seem like a big deal in the present moment but really they are small stuff. So don’t get all upset over them. Is whatever going on now going to matter to you in a year? In five years? You probably won’t even remember it so just shrug it off and keep moving forward.

Count Your Blessings. No matter what situation you find yourself in you ALWAYS are blessed. Still breathing? Blessed. Roof over your head and food on your plate? Blessed. Have a friend(s)? Blessed. Homeless on a corner with no IRS bills to pay? Blessed. Every night instead of focusing on what you don’t like in your life instead count all your blessings. This will give you more positive energy to help you get out of the bad stuff.

Pray about Everything. Worry about Nothing. Be Thankful for Anything. You don’t have to do everything yourself. It’s OK to ask for some help. Worry won’t help you deal with the challenge so just stop it. I have learned to be content in times of need and times of abundance. Your happiness comes from inside out so no matter what the world throws at you from the outside in don’t let it get you down. Have an attitude of gratitude and you’ll draw more good stuff into your life, guaranteed!

Your life situation is your responsibility. Your life is a direct result of the decisions and actions you have taken. It isn’t anybody else’s fault. If you blame other people or circumstances for your challenges you are experiencing you are giving away your power. Take responsibility for yourself. Make better choices and you’ll start moving in a better direction.

I use these philosophies to help me better my life. I am not always 100% successful in maintaining them but I keep coming back to them when I start getting off course. In this way for the most part I keep moving in the direction that I want. I hope that sharing these will help you out in your quest to make a better life for yourself!

See you at your next adjustment,



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  1. Great post. I believe that you give your own meaning to life, so make it a good one!

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