The Key to Happiness…

People always want to know what is the key to happiness, what do I need to do to be happy, have my peace of mind?

Often, we make the mistake of thinking that we’ll be happy once we get that new job, car, soul mate or big screen TV.

This is a mistake.

The material objects don’t make you happy. Other people and situations don’t make you happy. You’re still the same person. I learned a long time ago that wherever you go there you are. You can run away from the place you live now, or from people you know or the job you have.

You can buy new gizmos, gadgets and toys.

You can search out new relationships.

But despite all this, you are still the same person.

The key is to be happy wherever you are now.

Be happy in every moment of your “regular” day to day life.

Now I see a lot of people who aren’t very happy & one of the reasons is that they are living their lives with nothing to look forward to. They get up, go to work, come home then do it again day after day. Maybe they belong to the “thank God it’s Friday” club and party themselves numb for a couple of days then start it all over again.

They are like the mouse running on the exercise wheel just doing the same old drudgery day after day. No wonder they are unhappy, burnt out & popping prozac or beers!

I ask people all the time what they have done fun lately & I am always amazed that 90% of the time the answer is “nothing”.

To be happy (& the only way to grow in life & make your dreams come true is to be happy where you are now) is simply a state of mind, it’s your habit of how you look at things. Yes, just like the old cliché “is the glass half full or half empty”. It is an old cliché because it is TRUE!

Okay, you say “easier said then done”, but anything worth it in this life takes effort. Here is a simple tool to start you on your way: Always have something to look forward to.

That vacation to Hawaii that’s coming up in 8 months is good, mark it on your calendar & look at it often but what I really mean is having things to look forward to on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. You could have a date night scheduled in a few weeks, maybe getting together with a friend for a drink & to catch up later this week. That’s all good but also don’t forget about the daily fun events. They don’t have to be gigantic, just schedule things you enjoy. Could be a cup of coffee, a 5 minute meditation, a walk, a bubble bath, taco night, 15 minutes reading a favorite book. You get the idea. The most important are the little daily events that bring you pleasure.

If you start doing this you can start changing the way you think about life. You can start thinking more “glass full” rather than “empty”. Just like learning any new skill it takes time and repetition, but it’s well worth the effort!

So start filling your days, weeks & months with things you can look forward to & get off that wheel of drudgery. Before you know it you’ll turn into one happy camper!

See you at your next adjustment,


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2 Responses to The Key to Happiness…

  1. Julie-ann says:

    Very nice post. This is a great idea.

    The other thing I hear more often is to think about how to help another person instead of ourself. Both true. Bet they are even more powerful together!

  2. Ted Moreno says:

    Probably your best post ever. We need to be reminded of this daily. Happiness exists in the now and it is a decision to be.

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