The “Jesus” adjustment

Jesus healed people with just a touch or a word. The result was instantaneous. Pure miracle. Miracles still happen. You hear about these healing miracles every so often. Someone told that they have some disease or condition and that there is no hope and POW they are healed out of the blue. The powers to be can’t explain it scientifically so they say they had a “spontaneous remission”. So don’t ever believe it if someone tells you there isn’t any hope for you.

Now most of the time for most of us healing takes time and repetition. I get some people who come and see me and they want the Jesus adjustment. They have a problem that’s been going on for months, years or decades and they expect it to be taken care of with one adjustment. I’m not saying that can’t happen but usually for the body to make changes and heal itself it takes time and repetition. Just like if you want a bigger bicep you need to lift weights regularly over a period of time to see your bicep change and grow, or if you want to learn to play the piano you need to practice regularly over a period of time to achieve your goal of tickling those ivories. There is a universal law that time and repetition equals results.

It’s the same with chiropractic adjustments. For your body to heal, for it to make a change it takes time and repetition. And just like exercise, eating healthy, playing the piano etc, if you stop doing it you will stop getting the benefits. Most of my people who come in for their regular adjustments aren’t having big problems, on the contrary they feel great and they want to stay that way that’s why they make chiropractic part of their lifestyle. I make it easy and affordable to get adjusted regularly. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to be here but the benefits to your life are HUGE!

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