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You affordable chiropractic care has really have saved my back!

I don’t know if I told you yet but I have not had one back pain issue since I started seeing you! I was throwing out my back about every 2-3 months before. Not only that but I noticed I feel more alert as well. Who knows what else you are helping me prevent down the line! I am really grateful to have found you. You really are making a difference in so many lives.

Thank you again!

Sincerely, Adrienne Martin


I can tie my shoes!

Thanks to Dr Kyle I can now sleep well, exercise to my heart’s content & even tie my tennis shoes without back pain!

I was skeptical of chiropractors as I had a bad experience once but Dr Kyle was honest with me & his adjustments are everything I had hoped they would be. I am 100% thanks to him.

His affordable chiropractic unlimited program has made it so easy & affordable for me to come in regularly.

Allison Schulte

Blood pressure dropping!

I’ve been getting regular adjustments from Dr Kyle for the last few months & since that time my blood pressure has been dropping to a good level without any change in medication. The movement in my neck & shoulders has also improved.I have been able to continue getting my adjustments because of the affordable unlimited program he offers. Dr. Kyle also teaches that having the spine & nervous system free of interference allows your body to work at it’s maximum potential thus preventing many health problems. He also coaches that having a good attitude & positive outlook, exercising & eating right is a healthy lifestyle we all need.

Sylvie Abernathy

“Unlimited” Model of Affordable Chiropractic the Most Effective Approach

Thank you, Dr Kyle, for relieving my tension! I work long hours in an office and have suffered from extreme tension in my shoulders and neck. Kyle’s “unlimited” model has been the most effective approach to offer convenience and to introduce a constant approach to relieving tension. I have noticed a significantimprovement in my overall health since joining Kyle’s practice and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to introduce balance in their life to attain overall health.

Brunella Lahey

I was afraid of having my bones cracked!

I was dragged in to see Dr Kyle by a friend of mine who has been seeing him for years. I was extremely reluctant to see a chiropractor because I was afraid of having my bones cracked. I don’t like back pain. I lived on anti-inflammatory medications for years because of my fear of being hurt. If the pain in my lower back got too bad I would just get a shot to reduce the pain.

As I said, the only reason I was seeing Kyle was that I had become sick & tired of the same old pain & discomfort. I am an active person who works out 2 hours a day 6 days a week. I just tried to handle the pain. Since starting my regular visits, I have not had to take the medications & have not had a shot the entire time I have been his patient.

He is gentle with me, very understanding & what he does for me just absolutely works. The unlimited plan makes it so affordable & easy for me to get my regular adjustments, it’s great. I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to Dr Kyle as he has become a blessing in my life.

Mirna Delgatto

Regular Visits are the Key to a Healthy Life

Thanks to your healing hands I have been able to regain mobility in my arms and legs that had given me trouble for years. You’ve also helped me improve my bone density. My osteoporosis has improved.

I noticed improvements immediately and can attest that regular visits are the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Thank you Dr Kyle!

Liliana De Luca

I was out of back pain in just a few visits…

I was suffering low back & neck pain & some dizziness problems. Dr Kyle helped me so much. I was out of pain in just a few visits. He has worked with me faithfully ever since. He conscientiously rehabilitated me through a painful back injury I received while sledding & a badly sprained ankle received at the gym. I now see him regularly once a month in order to stay “tuned up”. 

High cholesterol & blood pressure…

I had pain all over my body and a rash on my back and chest. I had high cholesterol and blood pressure. My liver was inflamed due to the cholesterol medication I was given. I had suffered from these problems for many years and had seen four different medical doctors and two dermatologists. They gave me drugs for the cholesterol and blood pressure and creams for the rash. None of these helped my problems. The pain in my body prevented me from sleeping well. After the first week of seeing Dr Kyle I noticed improvements. I now feel more relaxed and healthier. I changed my diet on his advice and am taking his recommended nutritional supplements. My rash has almost disappeared. I am not taking the medications and my cholesterol is coming down and my blood pressure is stable.

Jose Valdes

My back pain made it hard for me to think…

For 4 years I had pain in my shoulder, elbow and wrist. I had headaches and was exhausted. I found it very hard to think and concentrate due to these problems. I had been to a physical therapist and 3 different orthopedic doctors but all I really got out of that was drug prescriptions which did not help my problems. After a few months of treatment with Dr Kyle I noticed significant improvements. After treatments I am in better spirits and my body feels great. 

Hair falling out…

I had headaches and dizziness. I was losing hair from my scalp and eyelashes were falling out. I had abdominal pain, constipation, no energy and was always very sleepy. This had been going on for about a year. I saw four different medical doctors who never found out what was wrong or did anything for me. I couldn’t be in the sun and do exercise at school. When I rode in the car I immediately would get dizziness and very sleepy. I couldn’t play or enjoy anything.After seeing Dr Kyle for 2-3 weeks I had no more headaches. I felt great, very hungry and had lots more energy and can be in the sun now, it doesn’t bother me. My mom is happy that I feel great and didn’t have to take any drugs, only natural supplements that Dr Kyle prescribed. 

Affordable Pasadena Chiropractic ended 10 years of neck & back pain…

For 10 years I had suffered with neck & back pain. Just driving my car would cause me neck pain. Lifting my little 2 year old would result in a lot of back pain. The pain would get so bad that I had to miss work. I’ve lost count of how many doctors I had seen, but no help! I would just take motrin and extra strength Tylenol to try to ease the pain. Luckily I got into a car accident. Lucky in that I started to see Dr Kyle for treatment. After about 4-6 weeks I started to feel better than I had in 10 years! 

No Back Pain for the First Time!

I am a C.P.A. and have had neck & back pain for the past 5 years. During our busy tax season I would always have pain in my neck & back. I have been seeing Dr. Umland regularly for the past year and this tax season I HAD NO NECK OR BACK PAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS!!! I will continue to see Dr. Umland on a regular basis to keep my body “tuned up” so I can look forward to more painless seasons. Norm Bleiden, C.P.A.

I had to lie on the floor to eat my dinner!

I suffered from extreme pain in my back, shoulders and hips. I could hardly sit without a lot of pain. I had to lie on the floor on my stomach a lot and even eat dinner that way. I even ate Thanksgiving dinner that way! These problems had been going on for 8 years. I went to medical doctors and chiropractors for help and basically only got pain pills. I had a hard time sitting to watch a movie and had to quit hiking or even much walking. It took me hours to do laundry and prepare meals. After about 2 weeks of treatment with Dr Umland I started to see improvements. I know it took a long time to get this bad and that it will take time to get better but the difference already is great and I know I am on my way back to a healthy life. 


Avoided knee surgery…

I had sharp pain in my right knee, neck and back pain and numbness in my arms. I suffered from the knee pain for 18 months and for over 10 years I had the neck and back pain as well as the numbness.I had seen 5-6 physicians and physical therapists for these problems and was given pain killers ( pills and injections). I also tried physical therapy and hot springs hoping to reduce my pain but without much result. Due to the pain I could not walk or do simple house chores. I could not sleep at night. I used to cry because of my pain. I was hospitalized for a month. Physicians suggested that I have an operation for my knee. After working with Dr Kyle for 3 weeks my knee pain disappeared. I could not believe it! I now can walk and move my arms freely. I can sleep well. Semahat Yucekus, Turkey.

Semahat Yucekus, Turkey

My Neck was on Fire!

I had extreme pain in the neck area, it felt like it was on fire. I was unable to make a full head turn. I also had low back and hand pain. This had been going on for 4 years. I had therapy through the HMO for a month and muscle relaxant medication but nothing fixed it. I was always in pain and it kept me from sleeping at night. After working with Dr. Umland for 2 weeks I started getting relief. I want to thank Dr. Umland for taking away all the pain. It’s been years since I felt good. I’m able to sleep well and able to be happy again in life.

Adalberto Pena

I Will Avoid Surgery!

I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in my right hand. It had been going on for about 3 months. I went to see a Neurologist and an Orthopedist and was taking motrin for relief and that was it. The problem persisted until I started treatment with Dr Kyle. After 2 weeks the Carpal Tunnel was greatly improved.I will now avoid surgery! Plus I have better posture (even my wife noticed!), increased flexability  and range of motion. I also now have increased vitality and energy – Big Improvements! 

Wrist Pain…

I had been suffering with wrist pain for months with no relief. Caring for my infant, feeding, changing diapers was painful. After working with Dr. Umland for about 1 week I started noticing improvements. Getting your neck and back in proper alignment seems to be the key to most aches and pains. If spinal adjustments can rid one of pain in their wrists due to carpal tunnel syndrome it’s worth a try for any part of the body to avoid surgery and drugs! 

I threw my Tums in the trash!

I had bad acid reflux and indigestion for years. I had to severely limit the types of food I could eat, no more of my favorite Mexican food! I had a lot of trouble sleeping due to the acid burning. I had tried many over the counter remedies, Rolaids, Tums & others but they did not fix the problem. Dr Kyle explained that the problem I had was not properly digesting the food. He recommended a nutritional supplement which helps me digest properly. Now I don’t have any more of those problems & I can have my favorite carne asada burrito!

Dave Clark & grandson Peyton

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