Take a Time Out…

The Tiny Timeout

Whenever I try to teach people something they can add to their daily life that will help them they always say “but Doc, I don’t have time to do anything”.

That’s our main problem. Our lives are filled with way too much stuff!

No matter how busy your life is  everybody has at least 1 minute a day they can spare.

This is a great way to start living in the moment & getting your body, mind & spirit some relaxation it so badly needs.

You can do this almost anywhere & anytime.

Just take a minute, 60 seconds & get in a relaxed position, shut your eyes & focus all your attention on your breathing.

Breathe a full breath in through your nose filling your lungs, letting your belly expand. Now hold the breath for just a moment then breathe out through your mouth.

Just keep all your attention on your breathing.

When all those thoughts try to come into your head just bring your focus back to your breathing.

Keep this up for a minute & you’ll change your nervous system from the crazy fight or flight side over to the calming relaxed, healing side – where it should be the majority of the time!

You can also choose to do this exercise for more than a minute & more than once a day too!

If you make this a daily ritual you’ll become a more relaxed, happy, healthy & productive camper.

See you at your next adjustment,


Kyle Umland delivers old time, old fashioned, traditional Chiropractic in a way that makes it easy and affordable for you to get adjusted on a regular basis. He is located at 1028 N. Lake Ave, Suite 107 Pasadena, CA 91104. 626.345.0441











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