So maybe milk doesn’t do a body that much good after all.

Hi all, interesting article here from the BBC news:

According to a study of 107,000 Swedish adults published in the medical journal BMJ, a diet rich in milk could have detrimental health consequences.

“We observed a dose-dependent higher rate of both mortality and fracture in women and a higher rate of mortality in men with milk intake, a pattern not discerned with other dairy products,” the authors write in a 22 September report on their findings.

Women who drank three or more glasses of milk a day, for instance, were 93% more likely to have died during the study period, which ranged from 13 to 22 years.

They conclude that the findings “question the validity” of the long-held belief that drinking milk has net health benefits, although they caution that further research is needed.

There’s just not a lot of evidence supporting dairy industry claims that drinking milk is good for you, writes Indiana University School of Medicine Prof Aaron E Carroll for the New York Times.

“More than 10,000 years ago, when human beings began to domesticate animals, no adults or older children consumed milk,” he writes. “Many people don’t drink it today because they are lactose intolerant. They do just fine.”

There appears to be scant evidence that calcium in milk helps prevent osteoporosis and improve bone strength. And while milk is full of protein, he continues, most Americans get plenty of the nutrient in their diets already. What they don’t need, he says, are calories – which milk has in abundance, to the tune of 83 a cup.

“In an era when every other caloric beverage is being marginalized because of obesity concerns, it’s odd that milk continues to get a pass,” he writes.

Why? He says politics is part of the reason. The US government spends millions on advertising campaigns for the dairy industry, which wholeheartedly supports the efforts.

Luisa Dillner of the Guardian cautions that it’s too early to kick the milk habit, however. She says the study is based on sometimes unreliable self-reporting, Swedish environment and health practices may be different in the UK and other parts of the world, and there’s no concrete proof of a link.

There are also the unintended health consequences of abandoning milk. For instance, as Sandra Walsh of the Daily Mail writes, the recent decline in UK milk consumption likely has led to an uptick in cases of iodine deficiency, since many Brits get the vital substance from cow’s milk. Unlike the US and Canada, the British government does not mandate adding iodine to salt products.

“Nutritional guidelines are unlikely to change in the short term until there is more direct evidence on the long-term effects of liberal milk drinking,” Dillner writes. “The phrase ‘more research is needed’ was invented for questions such as this.”

The one thing I do know is if you’re going to drink milk get it raw (an increasingly tougher thing to find these days) Once it is pasteurized it is now a dead food with more detrimental than helpful properties.

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