Rest in Peace

I grew up in South Pasadena and still am involved there with church and Rotary so I still get the local paper. Last week on the front page there was the sad news that a police officer, only 23 years old dropped dead during a training exercise. Another story told of a 14 year old girl dropping dead at a pool party. At this point both causes of death are being listed as “Natural Causes”.

Well, in my book there is nothing “Natural” in these young people dying. You don’t go from perfect health to perfect death overnight. Something breaks down in the body and if the body doesn’t heal and fix the problem it continues until eventually symptoms show up. Unfortunately sometimes the first symptom is the last symptom.

Disease starts in the nervous system as an abnormal pattern due to interference from stress. If you have a strong nervous system your body heals itself & takes care of itself. That’s what Chiropractic is all about, making sure your nervous system stays strong so you can lead a long, happy healthy life. Every time I adjust you I’m doing it with the intent that I am adding life to you.

Maybe if these two young people had been getting adjusted regularly they would still be here. We can never know for sure but your best health insurance is making sure your nervous system is running strong.

I pray that they are both with Jesus now having a great time and I also pray that their family and friends can have some peace in their hearts knowing this.

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