No news is good news…

I generally don’t watch news on TV, listen to news on the radio, read newspapers or check news on the internet. When people hear this they always are a little amazed and always ask how am I going to know “what’s happening?”

Well, I don’t need to know “what’s happening” everywhere all the time. If something big happens I hear about it from other people. So why don’t I pay attention to the news? Pretty much ALL news is about negative things. Murders, assaults, drug busts and other crimes. This person did that to them, this or that celebrity is being arrested, wore the wrong dress to the award show etc…

We are now so “plugged in” that we hear about everything that happens next door, across town or on the other side of the world as soon as it happens. This constant bombardment of negative news has an effect on us, it STRESSES us out and affects how we think. If you constantly hear the the sky is falling pretty soon that will become your dominant thought and the sky will fall in your world. Remember, crap always going into your head means crap coming out of your head! Not fun!

I suggest you try taking a break and stop paying attention to the news for a month (or maybe a week or even a day – babysteps for you newsjunkies!) and experience the difference it makes. I believe that you’ll like the more happy, peaceful feelings you will start to experience and then choose to make it a regular habit.

Bad news, negative news sells papers, and commercial time so that’s what you’ll get from all mainstream news most of the time. But I have found a great source of GOOD news. There is a lot of good news out there too but you just never hear about it. Check out this site it is a good change of pace from the usual negative news sources.

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  1. Kellsie says:

    That’s a sensible answer to a challenging qusetion

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