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Hi all! Just want to share a note I just received from one of my regular members. This could be you too:

Hi Kyle,

I’d like to originate another testimonial on just how beneficial it has been for me to be receiving chiropractic adjustments from you. You’re free to share it publicly if you’d like, but I just mainly wanted to share the success as a validation for the power of principle chiropractic.

I’m 38 years old and have more energy, physical endurance and strength than any other time during my life, even my twenties, even my teens. On Sunday, I spent most of the day active and outdoors, out on this natural area, nearly 5 miles of hiking, elevated, swimming and exploring. The group I was with were mostly in their twenties or early thirties, a couple of them pro athletes, a couple pro stunt people, pretty much everyone athletic in shape. I physically outdid them all. Everyone was panting and taking frequent breaks. I kept going like a machine, and would not have slowed down except to ensure everyone was keeping pace and I wasn’t leaving anyone behind.

I attribute this directly to chiropractic adjustments. Chronic conditions have disappeared. I didn’t realize how debilitating they’d become, actually, until they were gone, and I found myself with this renewed physical ability, whereas a few months ago, it was painful to even stand up sometimes.

This has actually been a lifesaver for me. But even more, it has caused me to take on an entirely new viewpoint on health and life, Time for me to “up my game” a bit and, even though I’ve always been relatively healthy in terms of lifestyle, am now striving for optimum health. It’s been quite an eye-opening journey.

With the more “remedial” work mostly underway, it’s now maintenance. Prevention is indeed the best medicine. A weekly or so adjustment is as important to me now as brushing teeth daily.

It’s been a real blessing to have found a REAL, principled chiropractor who will say it as it is and be to-the-point, effective and not add a whole bunch of other stuff into the equation, making things complicated, overwhelming and unnecessary. I am convinced I would never have gotten all these gains had I not found you and your unique system and standard textbook application of this special art and skill. I look forward to continuing coming to you as your regular patient for as long as you are practicing.

Emanuel Simonian

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