Janice’s story…

Hi all! Here is Janice telling her story of what just a few adjustments have done in her life. Janice is sweet, humble and softspoken so turn up the volume… and please hit your browser back button to come back here after the video…

Janice\’s story

Wow, from 38 plus reactions a day down to 5 after only 2 or 3 adjustments! This is what chiropractic is all about. Getting rid of interference, turning on your God given healing power and making your whole life better –  mind, body and spirit! There’s no limit on what can happen, but you’ve got to take action first.

Listen, it’s your life, your responsibility, your choice. It takes courage to step up to the plate and take on your life’s challenges instead of just letting them control you. If you have that courage and you’re ready to step up, I’m here to help you. I hope to see you soon!


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