Is Yogi chasing you???

Obviously if you look around our world today you see a whole lot of people having a whole lot of health problems. Most of them are on the medical merry go round of treating every symptom with a pill. Now I can see the need for a temporary emergency use of drugs to keep you from checking out or experiencing great discomfort. However emergencies don’t last a lifetime so why are people put on a symptom relieving drug for a lifetime? It isn’t fixing the cause of the symptom. They’re just getting sicker, more parts are breaking down leading to more drugs. Where is the logic in this? (Hint: lifetime customer = big profits for Big Pharma)

A better approach might be to fix what’s going wrong. Help the body heal itself then the problem goes away and you’re a happy camper.

There is a reason why so many are having so much of the same problems. It comes from too much STRESS! When you experience stress your body’s nervous system shifts into something called “Fight or Flight” mode. This is designed to help you survive a TEMPORARY threat and live another day. But the problem is that most people are living in this 24/7 and over time it causes the body to break down and the common symptoms start showing up (which they have a pill for).

So picture this. It’s a peaceful, beautiful morning and you are strolling down to the lake for a little swim when out from behind a tree jumps a big, snarling, smelly, ferocious BEAR!!! He’s running towards you (and he definitely doesn’t look like that cute Yogi bear). At this point your nervous system shifts into the fight or flight mode to help you survive this threat.

Now when you are running from this bear you:

Aren’t going to take a nap (sleep problems? Just take Lunesta that butterfly will put you right out…)

Aren’t going to sit down and eat a nice meal (heartburn, reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea? Here’s some Zantac, Tums, Prilosec, etc. Fix you right up!)

Aren’t going to make a little whoopee with your honey (can you say Viagra? Ready to drop Ten grand at the neighborhood fertility clinic?)

Aren’t going to be to happy about your situation (Hello Prozac!)

Your body is also going to:

Ramp up the blood pressure (yup, got a pill for it).

Ramp up your blood clotting so you don’t bleed out if that bear’s claws slash you (aspirin a day, Coumadin…)

Ramp up your blood sugar to give you the energy to boogie out of there (oh you’re “pre-diabetic” Glucophage is what you need)

Are you starting to get the idea? The solution to this is to quit living in the stressed out fight/flight mode when you SHOULD be living in the healing, growth, repair, relaxed, happy side of the nervous system most of the time.

“But how do I do that Doc?”

Glad you asked. Here are a few simple hints that IF you incorporate into your lifestyle will help:

Smile. Come on grumpy gus, turn that frown upside down! Don’t feel like smiling? Just fake it until you make it. When you smile it releases your body’s own personal “happy” chemicals in your brain, just keep smiling and soon you’ll start feeling better, guaranteed! My motto is if I’m not dead and not in prison, it’s a great day! IT’S A GREAT DAY PEOPLE!

Unplug. You’re overstimulating your brain! You don’t need to be watching, listening, texting, emailing, surfing etc all the time. Sit for a while and watch a tree grow, it does wonders for you.

Be thankful. Remember you’re not dead or in prison – BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU’VE GOT!

Move. Walk, run, hike, swim, dance, bike, do something! Just get your bones moving on a regular basis even if it’s just walking around the block once. JUST DO IT!

Play! You don’t have to be a stuffy, mature old adult all the time. Remember your inner child, play, do something fun. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

And of course… get in here for your regular adjustments to re-pattern, re-boot your nervous system!

I care about you and I am happy to help you move towards a better life if you want it. You are always welcome here.

See you soon, Kyle

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