How’s your foundation?

If you’re going to build a house or a skyscraper the first thing that needs to be done is the foundation. Now let’s say you have a wall in your house that keeps cracking. You patch it, then it cracks again, patch it then it cracks again. This will keep going on until you fix the REAL problem which is that shaky, unstable foundation. Once the foundation is strengthened now you patch the crack and it stays patched.

This is what I see in people’s bodies all the time. They have some sort of symptom which is like the crack and they keep patching it with all sorts of things like drugs, exercise, vitamins, organic food, super water, massage etc etc but the “crack” will keep coming back until they take care of the underlying problem causing it namely a weak foundation which is their weak nervous system.

You see the nervous system is the foundation of all your life. Your nervous system controls EVERYTHING in your body. It is the foundation to your body, mind and spirit. If the nervous system is weak your body can’t work right and things break down and eventually the symptoms, the “cracks” show up. Now there are a lot of great “crack patchers” out there that people need to help them get better and I refer my people all the time to take advantage of these. BUT, if your nervous system, your foundation is weak you won’t get as much benefit from all that stuff as you could if your nervous system was strong.

So that is why my people come here on a regular basis to get adjusted so they can keep a strong foundation, a strong nervous system. They don’t have to worry about all the “bugs”, flu, viruses, etc that are on the outside because they are strong on the inside where all the healing comes from. So no matter what you’re trying to do in life, be healthier, stronger, happier, more creative, make more money, be a better person etc. It all starts with a strong foundation, a strong nervous system then you can give all of your God given potential to your desires.

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