Pasadena Chiropractor Kyle Umland Explains How Chiropractic Works

Philosophy of Our Pasadena Chiropractic Care

As a practicing  Pasadena chiropractor, there’s so much I’d like to pass along that I’ve come to understand about the connection between the spine and overall health.  Our bodies are amazing tools that require a delicate balance and proper alignment to work at peak capacity.  My philosophy of chiropractic care encompasses the whole of our existence, not simply the spine.

  • LIFE is intelligently designed and able to heal, adapt, and function in Balance, Harmony, and Ease.


  • Your Innate Life Energy (the inborn power source that makes you alive) uses your brain and nerve system to send its life-giving messages (mental impulses) to coordinate / organize / direct all the functions of life…so you can live at EASE and adapt better to stress in your environment.


  • Every cell in your body needs a clear neurological connection to the brain in order to function optimally. A reduction OR partial LOSS of this vital brain-to-body connection diminishes the flow of life-giving messages… this state of LESS life energy in the body is called subluxation (loss of proper motion in the spine).


  • The results of an incomplete connection to your life energy are: incomplete adaptation; disharmony; imbalance; DIS-ease; and altered cellular function.


  • Every single Symptom, Sickness, Syndrome, Disorder, Dysfunction, and Disease known to man results from Altered Cellular Function, LOSS of Coordination and Organization, and a Decreased Ability to fully Adapt to Stress.


  • Because of the intimate relationship between the SPINE and NERVE SYSTEM, the spine must maintain proper alignment and balance for the nerves to maintain proper tone and function. A Specific Scientific Chiropractic Adjustment can improve spinal function AND restore your brain-to-body neurological CONNECTION.


  • The natural result of maintaining a clear connection between brain and body is: LIFE more at EASE. We expect MORE coordination, balance, harmony, cellular homeostasis, healing and improved health, optimal function, and an on-going movement toward wellness and wholeness. As a Pasadena chiropractor, this is what I offer.


This NEW way of thinking can help anyone better manage their life, adapt more constructively to stress, and grow stronger and healthier by keeping these things in the proper perspective.


You can be happy, healthy, and whole again!

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