Hope… why not?

Sometimes I think the practice of hope is a lost art.

It seems most people’s default condition is fear and worry.

Why not just hope for the best instead? It really is your choice how you think about life.

Make a different choice.

Choose to hope.

Many people come in to get adjusted who have been given no hope. The medical world is great at dispensing “no hope” prescriptions. People are told that “there is nothing that can be done”, “you’ll have to just live with it”, “you’ll need to take these medications for the rest of your life”, and on and on.

Then they start getting adjusted and the “miracles” start happening. They start getting better. The challenges that they’ve been told there was no hope for get better. Why? Because we are turning on their God given healing power. You never know what can happen once the nerve system is freed from interference and allowed to do its job again.

If you make the nerve system stronger there is no way you can’t get better. Whether you get 100% better or only 5% better – it is better than getting worse. And worse you will get, guaranteed, if you stay in the treating symptoms with drugs paradigm.

Don’t let ANYONE tell you there is no hope. That is just their opinion, it isn’t a fact. Miracles happen everyday everywhere in this world, so why not hope for one?

Even if the miracle or whatever you are hoping for never happens… you will still be living in a lot more positive, happy energy.

So why not Hope? Give it a shot, you never know what can happen…

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, joyous Holiday Season. Enjoy it, you deserve to!

See you at your next adjustment,


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One Response to Hope… why not?

  1. And there are all kinds of things to worry about aren’t there? Imagine what our next generation of children may grow up with: fear, worry and despair.

    Most of the things we worry about don’t even come true. Hope in our ability to get through life and it’s challenges is the most valuable thing we can have.

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