Happy neck, Happy Body, Happy Life!

I do this chin tuck exercise about a hundred times a day. I give this to all my people. It is a great, simple, effective exercise for the neck. Your neck is your most important area neurologically after your brain. In fact, from your top bone in the neck to the top of your head is 85% of your nervous system!

Your brain has to get through your neck to talk to the rest of your body so everything works like it is supposed to. Your poor neck suffers because you have this big bowling ball on top of it called your head that is be bopping around in all kinds of different directions putting stress on your little old neck to support it in all its crazy gyrations!

That’s why it is so important to keep your neck adjusted regularly. This chin tuck exercise is a great to do daily too. Check it out in this video:

Hope you enjoy it and I’ll see you at your next adjustment!


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  1. I have always had a stiff neck. Since I’ve been doing the chin tucks daily, I have a lot more motion in my neck. Thanks Dr. Kyle!

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