Give yourself a pat on the back…

When my people come in for their adjustments I am always asking them (remember I’m coaching not nagging!) about how they are doing on drinking water, walking, chin tucks etc.

What I hear most of the time is is “I’m doing some but I know I should be doing more”.

Listen people. I don’t care who you are, the richest person in the world, the most powerful person in the world, the most charitable person in the world… EVERYONE in the world could be doing more. It is just a fact of being human, we are not perfect and never will be so give yourself a break. Quit being so hard on yourself. Instead of focusing on what you’re not doing that you could be doing more of, give yourself credit for what you ARE doing.

Give yourself a pat on the back for all the great things you are doing. Encourage yourself. All you can ask of yourself is to give it your best effort each day. Some days that can be 100% of your abilities. Other days it may only be 10%. We all have ups and downs in life. We aren’t always at 100%. But at the end of the day if you can honestly say you gave it your best shot, no matter how good or bad that effort was, be happy with that.

Be happy with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. Be FORGIVING of yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Everyday keep moving forward. Keep striving to learn, grow, improve. And above all give yourself a pat on the back and  a hearty “Well done!”

See you at your next adjustment,


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  1. Robert G. Ingersoll
    Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.

  2. 94137 says:

    Thanks so much for this. I’m a writer out of Arco Felice, Italia and what I just read here on could not be said any better. Going through this article kinda reminds me of my previous roommate, Carlton. He persistently kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send these ideas to him. I’m certain he
    will have a very good read. I am grateful
    to you you for posting this.

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