Give yourself a break

Life is challenging, sometimes more than others. Some people think life should be like Disneyland all the time. All fun and happy, no dark clouds, no pain, no emotional down times and such.

When something “bad” does happen they freak out, get all upset and actually make it worse.

Listen, when the inevitable downswings in life happen to you give yourself a break. Don’t think the sky is falling. Whatever is happening is only temporary, it will get better. Heck, EVERYTHING in this life is temporary so remember that and just deal with the present situation the best that you can. When you’re in a down time it isn’t the time to start thinking about your whole life, what’s going to happen in the future, wishing you had done things different in the past, even about what you need to do next week at work.

When you’re down you are in a weakened state physically, mentally, emotionally so don’t make life decisions and evaluations from a weak position. Just stay in the moment, delegate and put off what you can and take care of yourself. Then the next thing you know you’ll get better and stronger and then you can go back to working on your life again.

Always remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. A diamond is but a lump of coal under great stress. Adversity is a needed part of life and it will always keep coming at times as long as we are alive. Learn to welcome the challenges and to understand in the scope of your whole life most of them are little things. If you can keep this perspective it will ease your burdens when they do appear.

Keep your foundation strong, eat better, move better, think better and get your adjustments. This way you can come from a position of strength when you are faced with challenges.

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2 Responses to Give yourself a break

  1. Ted Moreno says:

    great reminder of taking care of yourself during challenging times. Self care is foreign to many. The idea that one is valuable and deserves care runs contrary to our ideas that we should not be “selfish”. The fact is that if you are not good to yourself you won’t be much good to anyone else.

  2. Kay Curtis says:

    Wow – this is excellent advice. We do need to be challenged to keep things interesting. Isn’t living in a utopia a theme for science fiction movies?
    I love how succinctly you put this!

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