“Flu Shot” season here again, should you participate?

Everyone’s talking about the flu shot and whether they should get it or not.

This is an important decision for you to make so make sure you have all the facts first so you can make an educated decision concerning your body and your health.

I am going to share with you a few excerpts from Dr. Tim O’Shea’s book “Vaccination Is Not Immunization” on the flu vaccine issue. This is a great book that is the most documented, researched and referenced source of factual information on the whole vaccine industry. Everyone especially parents should read this book when deciding on whether to vaccinate their kids or not.Click here to check it out.

Why Flu Shots Don’t Work: There are literally hundreds of strains of influenza virus present at any given time across the U.S. During any flu season, the virus mutates several times, not only in any given locale, but even within individuals. This simple fact explains why the flu vaccine has never been effective at reducing either deaths or incidence of influenza in this country during the past 20 years.

Ever notice that people who get the flu shots all the time keep getting the flu? Could that have anything to do with not giving the body a chance to put immunity together for itself?

One problem might be that the flu vaccine has always contained mercury ( a known neurotoxin in the form of Thimeresol), formaldehyde (the stuff they preserve cadavers with) and ethylene glycol (a component in antifreeze – fun!).

With such a composition, it is not surprising that the flu vaccine doesn’t prevent the flu. Even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) only claims a 44% “success rate” for flu vaccine. In truth it’s much lower. Taking a closer look at the “research” from which CDC is making its claims, it begins to dawn on you that there are no real clinical trials, no actual risk-to-benefit studies.

In fact, England’s top medical publication British Medical Journal found that when it comes to influenza vaccine: “Evidence from systematic reviews shows that inactivated vaccines have little or no effect… Most studies are of poor methodological quality. Little comparative evidence exists on the safety of these vaccines.”


Does it seem like Alzheimer’s was getting more common the past decade? Hugh Fudenburg, MD a leading immunogeneticist, with some 850 peer-reviewed papers, told us way back in 2000:

“If an individual had 5 consecutive flu shots between 1970 and 1980, the chances of Alzheimer’s Disease was 10 times greater than for those getting…no shots.”

Think that might have anything to do with aluminum? (another vaccine component).

Trust the government to give you truthful information when it comes to your health? Well, let’s look at the example of the Swine Flu “Pandemic” of 2009. The original Swine Flu Vaccine program of 1976 was the worst vaccine disaster in U.S. history, with some 21 deaths and almost 600 people paralyzed. The government paid out almost $400 million in claims – for a disease that never existed. With a history like that, it is astounding that policymakers would want to use that same label again. But they did. (A complete summary of the 2009 H1N1 sideshow may be found online in the chapters Swine Flu: Global Pandemic and Goodbye Swine Flu by clicking here.)

With no solid data, W.H.O.’s (World Heath Organization) Margaret Chan irresponsibly declared “a public health emergency on international concern” She followed that up with the unfounded June 11 declaration of a Phase 6 “Pandemic Emergency”. Now the bacon industry kept complaining to Obama about the term Swine Flu so they changed the name to H1N1. In October the CDC released the utterly insupportable statement that 99% of circulating influenza viruses in the United States were 2009 H1N1 influenza.

So what is the World Health Organization (WHO) and where are they getting their information? Turns out their prime source of information for the swine flu fiasco was a committee calling itself the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza, who it turns out is funded entirely by the 5 manufacturers who ended up with the H1N1 vaccine contracts. JP Morgan estimated that as a result of that one WHO declaration of pandemic, the vaccine makers stood to gain up to $15 billion.

Kyle here again. So I would recommend you really do your research before you make a decision on having these chemical cocktails shot into your bloodstream. Here is another link to a good website for information too National Vaccine Information Center. Keep your body’s immune system functioning strong by eating good stuff, exercising, proper sleep and, of course,¬† getting your regular adjustments. That’s your best defense against all those nasty bugs!

See you at your next adjustment,



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  1. Ted Moreno says:

    Excellent post! Thanks for the information, I think a lot of people really need to know but don’t know where to go.
    I think we all have the suspicion that what is driving many of these vaccinations is money.
    Thanks again for the valuable info Dr. Kyle!

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