First Visit Special

Affordable Chiropractic Care for Everyone with our First Visit Special

My unique approach to affordable chiropractic care for everyone means that I make getting adjusted easy and affordable.

For most people who want to relieve back pain, the two biggest barriers that keep them from getting chiropractic care are time and money. I remove these barriers for you.

You don’t need an appointment. Just stop in get your adjustment and be on your way in just a few minutes. No fuss no muss!

You also won’t need to pay an arm or a leg to get adjusted regularly. By far the majority of my people take advantage of the regular adjustment plans. You can get dialed in to one of these plans for anywhere from $69 to $150 a month. Special family rates available too. I also have other affordable options for those who choose not to be on an unlimited plan. I promise affordable chiropractic care for everyone.

My philosophy is that I accept everyone no matter their age, condition or financial ability to pay. If you want chiropractic I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen for you.


$60 includes your first visit and entire first week of adjustments

ONLY $30 more to add a 2nd person!

Relieve Back Pain for Everyone in the Family

I offer special family rates so everyone in the household can benefit from chiropractic care.   When you take advantage of my first visit special, you can add a second person for half the cost.

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  1. Alma Sesma says:

    Dear Dr Kyle: I visited your office for the first time a few month ago but never made it back. I receive your emails (thanks) I am in a real need to continue the visits and was wondering about the charges. Can you contact me to follow up? Email or phone is good 626 232 3961

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