Doctors Say It’s Amazing!

My mother-in-law just had open heart surgery this past Friday. Thank God all went well and she is back at home on the road to recovery.

In all the pre-surgery testing one of the things that consistently came up was that all the doctors were amazed at in what good shape this 67 year old woman was in.

To me, this shows the sad state of health we all are becoming accustomed to. People consider it normal to be unhealthy, breaking down and on multiple medications, having multiple surgeries and procedures.

To me it is normal to be in good health. I expect myself and others to be in good health our whole lives! I expect to be climbing mountains at 120!

Remember, it’s not the years but what you do with the years that will determine what state you will be in.

Let me give you the three things you need to do to live a long happy, healthy life. If you make these your lifestyle it is the best insurance you can get to hopefully avoid the 911 stuff.

1. Have an attitude of gratitude. Focus on your blessings not on what’s not going right. No matter who you are you have blessings, be thankful for them. Like I say, if I’m not dead or in prison it’s a great day!

2. Move better, eat better, think better. If you exercise regularly, eat and drink good things and feed your mind something positive (take a break from the news and Jerry Springer!) on a regular basis your life will improve. Guaranteed!

3. Keep a clear connection between your brain and body. This is what the chiropractic adjustment does. Stress causes interference. Stress comes on a regular basis. So, like brushing your teeth, exercising, eating healthy, bathing etc, etc, if you want lifelong benefits you need to get adjusted on a regular basis. Keeping your nerve system strong is the foundation to EVERYTHING else in your life!

So folks, it is as simple as that, but it takes an effort on your part. Your life, your health, is your responsibility. Step up and take charge of your life. Make good decisions and let go, let God the rest.

Hope this helps clear it up for you.

See you at your next adjustment!


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