Do the Unvaccinated Need a Pediatrician?

Hey folks! Here is a blog post from a colleague of mine, Dr. Tim O’Shea. I thought it hit the nail on the head. Hope you enjoy it too:

Do the Unvaccinated Need a Pediatrician?

I don’t know, do they? Let’s think about it. Through much study and research and soul-searching you’ve decided to hang with the 15% of Americans who choose not to vaccinate. OK, fine. The hundreds of parents documented on my website, as well as another 40 or 50K listed on Mayer Eisenstein’s site represent a demographic who commonly report that the unvaccinated child is observably healthier and more alert than their friends’ vaccinated children.

OK, so if that’s true the child will grow up with less disease, allergies, asthma, autism, etc than the vaccinated child, statistically speaking. Which is precisely what we observe. Immune development will be further enhanced if the child has a healthy diet, rare as that might be in the US today. But at the very least, the immune system will not be handicapped with the adjuvants and preservatives and viral load of the 68 vaccines given to about 85% of US kids. This fact is probably what accounts for the almost 100% report of robust good health from parents of the unvaccinated.

Now let’s say that this unvaccinated child who rarely gets sick is also lucky enough to avoid serious trauma during his youth. So let’s say he’s now 21 years old, has never been vaccinated and never been to a medical doctor. At all. And he’s in perfect health. With me so far?

Good. And the kid is thinking to himself – hey, I’m 21 years old, in perfect health, and have never been to a doctor. Why on earth would I ever go to one?

So he has just thought the unthinkable—imagined That Which Must Never Be Imagined: life without the permission and by–your-leave of the medical profession. Self-determination of health choices – medical freedom.

Their worst nightmare.

Without the Well Baby Program appointments, what real reason is there to consult a pediatrician? Think about it. Don’t your measuring tapes and bathroom scales work just as well as theirs? And in the rare of event of trauma, you’re going to want to see a trauma surgeon, not a pediatrician, right? Their recommendations for mild, self-limiting immune building diseases of childhood are generally superfluous. And allergies are 99% from processed food, especially pasteurized dairy. You don’t need anyone’s permission to know all this.

Do you?

So again I ask, why do the unvaccinated need a pediatrician at all? especially if the child is adjusted, kept clean, with as natural a diet as possible. Fear of imaginary diseases they can’t cure anyway?

What’s wrong with common sense?

My kids have not been vaccinated, are healthy, never been on antibiotics or other drugs – no need (knock on wood!). Peyton did break his leg sledding at 4 years old so we went to an orthopedist to set & cast it. That’s the only Doctor visits they have had since the first couple times post birth to a pediatrician – no need (once again, knock on wood!). Treat the body right, keep it functioning and it should take care of itself the way nature intended! And… this can work for big people too!

If you are interested here is a link to Dr O’shea:

See you at your next adjustment,

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