Dinner and a Show for FREE!

I know I like free stuff, especially food! So I am starting a new series of get togethers where we will break bread and learn how to make our lives better. You do want a better life, yes or yes?

On Tuesday November 15th at 7PM at my office will be the Foundations of Health presentation. You will learn easy ways to add 10 or more healthy years to your life. This is strictly for people who want a better life. It takes a lot of courage and energy to learn and make changes leading to a better life for yourself. So if you’re ready to step up to the plate and take on the challenges in your life this event is for you.

Since I need to know how much food to order please RSVP at the office or email from my contact page and let me know how many guests you will be bringing. We have a limited space so the sooner the better to reserve your spot. I look forward to breaking bread with you all!

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  1. vanessa alvarez and janice taylor says:

    We would love to learn more about eating better and of course we would love to hangout with you….

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