Hours, Directions & Contact

Pasadena Office: 1028 N Lake Ave Suite 108, Pasadena CA 91104


Tuesday         11AM – 2PM  &  4PM – 7PM

Wednesday   11AM – 1PM  &  4PM – 7PM

Thursday       11AM – 2PM  &  4PM – 7PM

Sunday           11AM – 1:30PM

Lake Arrowhead Office: 318 So. State Hwy 173, Lake Arrowhead CA 92352 (On the second floor of the Hill Law Firm Bldg)


Sunday         4PM  –   7PM 

Monday       10AM – 1PM  &  4PM – 7PM



Kyle Umland D.C.




Pasadena Office:

We are located at 1028 N Lake Ave Suite 108, Pasadena, CA 91104

From the 210 Freeway take the Lake Ave exit & head north towards the mountains. We are 1 block north of Mountain at the corner of Lake Ave & Bell St.

We are on the east side of Lake Ave, look for the palm trees in our parking lot.

We have assigned parking in the lot in spaces 35, 36, 37 also plenty of free street parking is also available.

Lake Arrowhead Office:

We are located on the second floor of the Hill Law Firm Building at

318 So. State Hwy 173, Lake Arrowhead CA 92352 just up the road from the Village.

10 Responses to Hours, Directions & Contact

  1. Sachiko Pedder says:

    I purchased the one-month Unlimited service through GoDailyDeals.
    I would like to make my first appointment for Sunday 7/24 at 1pm. Is that possible?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you so much.

    Also, what is the New Member Workshop?

    • noli2421 says:

      Sure come on in. New member workshop is for all new people, lets them know what chiropractic does for their health. People who learn this get better quicker & stay better longer. See you Sunday.

    • noli2421 says:

      And notice that even though chiropractic was shown the best for relief the MD refers for physical therapy not chiropractic. Most people just don’t know or understand what chiropractic is about. The biggest reason to get adjusted regularly though is not for pain relief but to make sure your nervous system is strong and free of interference because if it isn’t working right things start to break down in the body and this is where disease starts!

  2. Georgia Heard says:

    I am 88 years old, and three weeks ago I fell, breaking my right collar bone and a finger on my left hand. My neck also hurt very much and I was afraid to come in because I didn’t want any more pain. But when I couldn’t stand it any longer I finally came in. You were so gentle with me; and with just that one adjustment, my neck is feeling better than it was before the fall. Thank you so much for being here for me.

  3. Connie Delgadillo says:

    Hello my name is Connie and I purchased a 5 visits package from Living Social which states I may come in on Sundays but I see Sunday as a day that you are open, would it be possible to confirm this Sunday 3/19/17 at 11:30am to come in for my 1st visit? Thanks

    • noli2421 says:

      Hey Connie, I am no longer in on Sundays. These are my hours, no appointments necessary just come on in and I’ll take care of you:
      Tuesday & Thursday 11-2 & 4-7
      Wednesday 11-1 & 4-7

      Thanks, Kyle

  4. Gil says:

    Hi, are you open during the weekends? I am In need of a chiropractor. Thank you!!

    • noli2421 says:

      Sundays in Pasadena 11am – 1:30pm and in Lake Arrowhead 4-7pm. No appointment necessary just come on in & I’ll take care of you.

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