Chiropractic vital to their Lives and Livelihoods…

Take a look at what Chiropractic means to these top performers:

Professional Athletes Perform at their Best with Chiropractic Care
Joe Montana – SF 49ers – Three Time Superbowl MVP
Chiropractic care works for me.

Barry Bonds – San Francisco Giants
I go to my chiropractor on a regular basis, because I want to prolong my career as long as possible. I see my chiropractor about once a week, in between my training. By getting an adjustment once a week, I feel I can sustain my career a lot longer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger  

Through the years, Arnold has had much to say about chiropractic:”I am very fortunate to have, so to speak, my in-house chiropractor, Dr. Franco Columbu, as my own personal chiropractor. He adjusts my wife, my kids, me, everybody gets an adjustment. And we feel always great when Franco leaves. Even when I have athletic injuries, he’s always there for me and helps me. That’s why I always will be traveling…all over the world, talking highly about the profession of chiropractic. You chiropractic doctors are really miracle workers. So you know that with chiropractic you will be 100 percent, it’s just fantastic.

Aaron Rodgers ~ Super Bowl XLV MVP Quarterback Green Bay Packers
Performing at my best is important to me and should be to everyone. I am blessed that my dad is a chiropractor. Getting adjusted regularly – along with practicing other good health habits that my mom helped me establish – are all part of my goal to win in life and on the field. 

John Stockton ~ Utah Jazz
The secret to my continued success into my 40’s has been seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. 

Emmitt Smith Credits Chiropractic for Rushing Record!
Playing in a football game is like being in 30-40 car accidents.”An article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram explains it all started after the 1994 season when Smith endured a lot of hamstring problems and he began to ask himself some tough questions. “Do I need to get more rest? Do I need to eat better? Do I need a little more training? How can I take care of my body better? Do I need to find a chiropractor? It was time for me to invest in me,” Smith said. “I found a specialist that’s really good in balancing out my body to make sure my hips are rotated right, and my body is functioning properly. I remember somebody telling me that what I put myself in during the games is like having a car wreck every Sunday. It’s against the norm. You can find yourself in awkward positions. That stuff takes its toll. But if you take advantage of the health care, balance your body back out, put it back where it’s supposed to be, you function better, and you recover faster.

Mel Gibson
I got a chiropractor to come along to the (Patriot) shoot, because they can actually stick you back together within 15 minutes. He used to come every other week, from Los Angeles to South Carolina – spend a week and work on the entire crew. All the stunt guys were like, Oh, fix my disc. He is putting their discs back in. The guy is amazing.” Lance Armstrong
Eight Time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has been receiving chiropractic care since January of 1999, helping him to keep his body together for the harsh demands of the Tour de France. After last year’s Tour de France, Lance said that he could not have won without his chiropractor’s help.

Dan O’Brien – Decathlon Gold Medalist
If it were not for Chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal. You obviously can’t compete at your fullest if you’re not in alignment. And your body can’t heal if your back is not in alignment. It was the holistic idea that I liked about chiropractic and that is what track and field is about. Every track and field athlete that I have ever met has seen a chiropractor at one time or another. In track and field, it is absolutely essential. Chiropractic care is one of the things I think that no one has denied or refuted.

Jose Canseco, Professional Baseball All-Star 
“I’ve found that it’s a great stress reliever to get adjusted. It takes away a lot of the tightness in the muscles.”

Wade Boggs, Professional Baseball All-Star
 “Last year I found Dr. Newman (Chiropractor), and I have been seeing him ever since. I have been pain-free and feeling terrific. I swear by it. Now, it is just maintenance and keeping in line so the nerves don’t touch.”

Gerald Wilkins, NY Knicks Basketball player 
“I didn’t know how much I could improve until I started seeing a chiropractor. Since I’ve been in chiropractic, I’ve improved by leaps and bounds, both mentally and physically.”

Dr. Joyce Verdel, Fitness Expert 
Chiropractic helps athletes and people working out, engaging in a sport or even just performing daily functions such as walking and sitting, to operate at their peak levels of performance without pain. I highly recommend that you pay a visit to your local chiropractor.” 

Ryne Sandberg, Professional Baseball All-star 
His wife Cindy explained, “He’s had some awesome games after getting an adjustment. He was frequently adjusted before games.”

Barbara Bunkowsky, LPGA Tour Professional
“I have found that chiropractic keeps me flexible and pain-free so that I can perform at my highest level. The benefits of chiropractic have improved my golf swing, putting less stress and strain on my body and allowing me to be a more productive golfer. I believe it also helps prevent other associated injuries that are very common on the LPGA tour.”

Fred Funk, PGA Tour Professional 
“I do believe chiropractic has really benefited my game. Over the last three years, I feel I have become more exposed to, and knowledgeable about, the benefits of chiropractic for me and my game. I realize how your body can get out of balance, and chiropractic care helps…..”

So what about you? Do you want to perform at your best? Live as great a life as you can? Add Chiropractic to your lifestyle and you’ll be amazed at the difference in your life. I’ve seen thousands of people’s lives change for the better over the last 21 years of my practice.

Why not you too?

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