Back pain…no. Life…yes

A lot of people including a lot of chiropractors think chiropractic is about back and neck pain, headaches, car accidents etc. WRONG McFly!

Chiropractic has nothing to do with that stuff. Chiropractic is all about how you want your life to be not only now but 10, 20, 30 years from now. You can live with back pain but you can’t live with 911 stuff. Before anything comes out physically in the body it is first patterned in the nervous system. STRESS causes interference leading to a pattern or blueprint (for cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc. ) in your nervous system. If that pattern continues, if your body doesn’t heal it, take care of it, then years or decades later it shows up physically in the body eventually then symptoms come out and you suddenly “have” the problem.

Let me tell you something. You don’t go from perfect health to perfect disease or perfect death overnight. Something breaks down in the body and over time bad things happen. When the master control of EVERYTHING in your body, mind and spirit – your NERVOUS SYSTEM – has interference it can’t do its job of keeping your body organized. This leads to dis-organization and then dis-ease.

Stress happens every day. So we get adjusted on a regular basis to “re-pattern” the nervous system. To let the body express it’s God given healing ability to the MAX. To let you express ALL your God given abilities to the MAX. That’s what chiropractic is all about.

Listen, I make it incredibly easy to get adjusted on a regular basis. It won’t cost you a lot of time or money. For what you’re paying every month at Starbucks to get some “energy” you can come the whole month unlimited. Invest in yourself get adjusted every week!

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3 Responses to Back pain…no. Life…yes

  1. I know how I feel if I don’t get my weekly adjustment. Tired, achy, mentally dull. A weekly adjustment keeps me healthy, helps ward of colds, and gives me lot of energy.
    Thanks for making it possible Dr. Kyle!

  2. Shante Hale says:

    Thank you for helping me regain energy and relieving me of two years of pain.I feel like a young woman after one adjustment.

    • noli2421 says:

      Hey Shante! That’s great hearing how good you did after that first adjustment. Just imagine how great you’ll be doing after a few hundred “Power” adjustments! Thanks for your kind words and hope to see you soon.
      Take care, Kyle

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