Are you flushing your toilet?

I was doing a health talk at a local business yesterday ( if you’d like me to speak at your work, church or other group please let me know I love to spread the word on getting healthier) and I wanted to share with you one of my points on moving better which means exercise.

Now most people know exercise is good for them in some kind of way but they still sometimes lack the desire and motivation to actually get out and MOVE!

So let me tell you about your lymphatic system. This is a system of vessels that you have in your body kind of like the arteries and veins that your heart pumps blood through but in the lymphatics it is lymph that moves through the vessels.

So your lymphatics is basically your sewer system. It is how your body gets rid of a lot of your waste products. The problem is that there is no “heart” to pump the waste out. The waste is moved along by your muscles. So no exercise means no waste movement resulting in a back-up.

Picture this, all this next week when you use your bathroom the one thing you can’t do is flush the toilet. Now at the end of the week how is your bathroom going to look? How’s it going to smell? Not a pretty picture is it?

That’s what your body is like when you’re not exercising and your sewer is all backed up! So the moral to the story is get up and move, flush your toilet daily! Just start out walking 15 minutes daily and you’ll be doing great, and as a bonus that habit of walking will add three years to your life too!

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2 Responses to Are you flushing your toilet?

  1. Ted Moreno says:

    Thanks Dr. Kyle for giving us another good reason to move our bodies. I’ve gotta get back out there on my walks!! I would also suggest that a good half hour of stretching can help, but yoga would be even better.

  2. Kyle (Doc),

    I have to say that just knowing that walking flushes my body’s “toilet” has gotten me to get out there and walk…it’s an amazing visual. Thank you for educating!!

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