American Dream stressing you out?

Whether you know it or not, your life is susceptible to the American Dream Syndrome–the notion that you can have it all, that you deserve it all. The more stuff you have, the better off you are. Desire to acquire. The slogans, like the wish lists, are practically endless.

Yet contrary to the seductive tune of the American Dream, enough is never enough. Getting more only fuels the urge to get more. So how do you learn to live within that truth without constantly feeling like your lives don’t measure up?

You embrace contentment.

Contentment arises from a spirit of gratefulness. It’s the courageous choice to thank God for what you have and for what you don’t have. Even when you don’t know where this week’s grocery money is coming from. Even when the washer goes on the blink. Even when the kids need braces. Even when your next-door neighbor drives home in a new car or is gone on a fabulous vacation to an exotic location.

Occasionally, we all need to be reminded: Material things will never satisfy the hunger in our hearts. People who fail to see this could spend a lifetime chasing the American Dream, only to find it to be a desert mirage, forever just out of reach.

Life is all about challenges. You will always face challenges, some small, some big. It is all about how you CHOOSE to deal and react to these challenges.You can run around thinking the sky is falling or just let it roll off your back like water off a duck. It’s your choice.

No matter what is going on in your life, challenging times or good times just remember to be content in the moment. To be grateful for what blessings you have. I always say if I’m not dead and I’m not in prison it is a great day… Your life is all about perspective.

Choose wisely…


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2 Responses to American Dream stressing you out?

  1. Awesome awesome post, Dr. Kyle.
    This is a truth that many do not want to hear – that although material accumulation may make life easier, it will never give us true satisfaction.
    There are many who will say you must be hungry, you must be driven, you must want it badly! But all the truly wise masters throughout history have said the opposite: that all you need you have right now.

  2. Toban says:

    So true! I would much rather “do” something than “have” something. The greatest gift to me is being with those I love. In many ways having “things” make my life more difficult. Finding security in having fewer “things” can be a challenge however, living within one’s means is key. Perspective IS a choice. Those who are accepting, tolerant and flexible are happier and more fun to be around. Try it!

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