Age is Just a Number!

I hear a lot of people (sometimes me too!) bemoaning getting older. But it’s not the years it’s what you do with the years that count.

Check out Olga:

Most people would probably say Olga is quite unusual and amazing. But why shouldn’t she be the norm instead of the exception?

We are too accepting of breaking down and losing the ability to do stuff as we age. People think it is “normal” to lose function, have more and more problems, taking more and more drugs as we get older. This is common NOT normal!

The physical degeneration of our society is due to how we are living our lives. Eating and drinking too much crap, not moving enough, stressing on everything leads directly to early breakdown.

Take heart, it is never too late to get younger. If you give your body a chance it will heal and get stronger. Here are the three things you need to do to live a happy, healthy long life:

  1. Have an attitude of Gratitude. We all have problems but we all have blessings too. Focus and think about your blessings instead of your problems all the time. If I’m not dead or in prison it’s a great day!
  2. Move Better, Eat Better, Think Better. This is simple; exercise, eat and drink healthy, and quit your stinkin’ thinkin’ !
  3. Keep your Brain connected to your Body. This is where getting adjusted regularly comes in. It will remove the stress induced interference in your nerve system so your body can function correctly. That’s called Health!

Your life is your responsibility. Take control and make these changes so you too can be high jumping into your nineties!

See you at your next adjustment,



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