We had a full house here last night for our free dinner and a show. Homemade “soul food” (made with love) from my wife Julie and a floor show by me. The crowd loved it and gave us the coveted review of two thumbs up!

For those of you who couldn’t make it I want to give you a few highlights of the show because the information presented could just literally SAVE your life! So here are the 3 secrets to growing younger and living longer along with a few action steps you can start right now:

Secret # 1 Have an Attitude of Gratitude: Yes, we all have challenges in life but we also all have blessings. Focus on your blessings, what’s working, what you are grateful for.

Action step: Start a blessings journal. Each night before going to sleep write down 2, 3 or more blessings that you have in your life. These are the thoughts to go to sleep on!

Secret # 2 Live a Healthy Lifestyle; Move Better, Eat Better, Think Better: The better lifestyle choices you make means the more daily stresses you avoid which makes you a happy camper!

Action step – Move better: Start walking, this is the best exercise we have. Walk at least 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Action step – Eat better: Eat more fresh vegetables & fruits. Work towards making these 80% of your meals. Your drink of choice? Water. First thing in the morning drink a big glass of water. Ultimately you want to be drinking half your weight in ounces daily (ex: you weigh 160 pounds drink 80 oz.s).

Action step – Think better: Don’t forget to feed your mind with healthy, positive input. Remember, crap in means crap out. Life is challenging enough without watching, reading & listening to negative stuff! Replace the news (very negative) with something uplifting, encouraging, positive. Some of my regular favorites: the Bible, comedy, Sound of Music etc.

Secret # 3 Maintain a Clear Neurological Connection Between Your Brain & Body: The foundation of your life is your nervous system. It is the master control for all your body, your heart, digestion, immune system, every one of your over trillion cells. Stress causes interference & results in abnormal patterns in your nervous system. These patterns or “blueprints” are where all disease starts. It may take years or decades for the disease to then show up physically in the body & show symptoms. By then it’s a big problem & sometimes the first symptom is the last symptom!

Action step: Get adjusted on a regular basis to clear out the interference & re-pattern your nervous system so your body can express it’s full healing power & take care of itself! I make it easy and affordable for you to make chiropractic part of your lifestyle.


SPECIAL OFFER: If you or someone you know wants to come in and give us a “test drive” I will give you 2 weeks of adjustments for only $40. Then once you see how great it is to be adjusted regularly you can get dialed in to my unlimited program for as low as $69 a month. To take advantage of this speacial test drive you need to come in or call for an appointment before Thanksgiving so act now!

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  1. Ted Moreno says:

    Thanks for covering the basics! If you don’t have these in place, your quality of life is not as good as it could be. Thanks for the reminders.

  2. Ted Moreno says:

    Really like the idea of a blessing journal, by the way.

  3. Jerry Martinez says:

    Kyle , Thank you for again for the tasty food. Thank you for taking the time to educate your patients!

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